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Why you should not use Free Domain name and Free Hosting

Free Domain Name Providers

Top level domain names are not free, You have to pay some charges yearly, There are some websites online that provide free top level domain names in following extensions
.tk .ml .ga and .cf

Two of  most popular websites which offers these free domain name services are

you can register there and get a domain name for one year, interesting thing is that you can renew if free after a year untill your domain name is disabled or expired.

sometimes when a registrar offer new domain name, they offer it free for some time example of this
.ooo extenstion, which was free in past from
Why you should not use Free Domain name and Free Hosting

Cheap domain name providers

You can buy cheap domain names from, but it is cheap in first year only after that you have to pay full domain charges.

The above are some cheap domain name providers. besides this there are many websites wich offers discount and coupon especially on events like happy new year, 26 dec etc.

Free Subdomain with hosting

You can also use blogger subdomain with your website. Salient feature of this domain name you will get a top hosting with this domain name.
* You have no issue of bandwidth and your hosting will never down.
* This hosting can handle unlimited number of users
* Perfect of event blogging, you can rank in short time.

Wordpress is top CMS which offers free domain and hosting for newbies, this comes with subdomain, you can register your free wordpess website along with free domain from www.wordpress .com
Some of the features of this platform are
* You can have an idea of world famous CMS

Free Hosting Providers

there are many websites online that provide free hosting for most of the CMS systems especially Wordress. some oth famous are

Why you should not use Free Domain name

1) Free domain names do not look professional, and is very difficult to rank, Have you ever seen a ranked domain with .tk extension?

2) Free domain provider can disable you domain name any time without any reason, If a customer wants to buy that domain, domain registrar will give it to him without your consent.

Why you should not use Free Hosting

Here are few of the disadvantages of Free hosting.

1) Very slow website speed, your website seems hanged. Website speed is ranking factor in SEO, so you ruin your online business with slow hosting speed.

2) They can disable your account without any reason.

3) sometimes your data, script or websites data is stolen, or your site security is compromised.


Newbies should should start with blogger subdomain instead of free domain and hosting there are some added advantages of it.

Blogger provides high speed hosting, with no down time.
It can handle unlimited number of users, with no bandwidth  problem.
For event blogging it is easier to rank a subdomain then a new domain.

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