Sunday, September 1, 2019

keyword research for newbies

What is Keywords

Keyword is any word which you type in google for search, e.g "Android phone tips and tricks", but in online field we focus on keywords which has

High search volume,

High CPC (Cost per click)

and low competition and

What is keywords Research

Whenever you start on website project, First thing which comes to your mind is purpose of your website. How you want to earn from this website, there are many ways to earn online through website, that may be:
1. Goolge Adsense or any other contextual ads network
2. Promoting Affiliate Marketing/CPA products for commission.
3. Promoting your own brand/Product
4. Selling Advertisement space
5. Selling Guest Posts/Backlinks

For all the above mentioned purposes, Keyword research is the main thing.
If your work on keyword which have very low search volume, you might get no visitor to your website.
If your work on keyword which have very low competition , you might no get Adsense ads.

Free Keyword Research websites

Free Keyword Research Chrome Extension

There are many keyword finding extension, two of the most popular are
1. SEOquake
2. Keyword Everywhere (now paid)

Install both of above mentioned extensions and go to and search for your chosen topic of interest, on which you want to write article as shown in screen shot.

you can check some free searches on  when create a account on there website.

Keyword Golden Ratio

According to this rule if your KGR is less than 0.25, You can rank in 50 results as soon as your post is indexed.

KGR = (allintitle results) divided by (search volume)

KGR = 22 / 90 = 0.24

Search Volume
You can find search volume of any keyword by free chrome extension "Keyword every where"
Search Vloume should be less then 250 searches.

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