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Factory Reset Android Phone

Why Factory Reset Android Phone?

With the passage of time after installing and un installing apps, many files remain on your Android Phone, causing your mobile phone to slow down, You have to reset your Android Phone to speed it up, here is step by step guide how can you safely reset your mobile phone without losing your data and Android apps.

In this tutorial I have reset SamSung Grand Prime SM-G530H some settings with other models might be changed.

Factory Reset Android Phone

How to Speed up Your Android Phone

There are many other ways to speed up your Android apps besides reset, some ways which might help are:

1-Upgrade to latest Android version
2-Minimize installed apps
3-Installed memory boost apps
Here we discuss only first two of them.

1- Update to Latest Android Version

Update to New Software version by going to
Settings -- > About Device -- > Software Updates

Here you can also see when you last time updated your software, updating software will greatly improve application loading time, and improve battery consuming time, so always update your mobile to latest android version. I am currently using 5.0.2 version.

You can also tick mark to Auto Update, so you phone is automatically update when wifi connection is available.

2- Un-Install Some Extra Apps

Go to Settings -- > Application Manager -- > Running Application to see which application are taking your ram. Un install some apps to free up some RAM space.

Before resetting your Android phone its better to take screen shot of installed apps, so that you remember what apps you have to install,

How to take Screen Shot of Mobile Screen

Press Power On/OFF button + Main button together for 3 seconds for taking screen shot.

Reset your Phone

Here is step by step guide how you can safely reset your Android phone to factory default. If you have upgraded to latest version of Android it will remain the same, you only have to update your apps after reseting.

Backup your app

1- install Apk Extractor app to backup all your application, to re installing them after you reset your phone. You can download APK Extractor here. Double check to ensure that no important app left without backup.

2- Create an info file in Your PC and save all apps pins, login, password, email if they require it to login etc.

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Backup your Photo and Videos and files

* Connect your phone with PC or laptop and copy all your personal videos and photos to your computer from your device storage to your PC or Laptop or move it to SD Card .

* Check all folders in phone storage to see if their is anything to move.

* Copy or move Apk extracted files folder from Phone to SD Card or PC

* Backup ExpenseManager app db and csv and email to email address, you can find exported files in phone -- > backup folder to manually transfer to PC

* Backup ColorNote and email to email address, you can find exported files in phone -- > backup folder to manually transfer to PC

* Check share-it folder for audio, video and app to move to PC, you can find exported files in phone -- > backup folder

* backup Whatsapp Data
you can backup your data on "Google Drive" as well as on your computer. copy all folder from phone -- > Whatsapp most of times it is Whatsapp app which occupy your mobile storage and cause your mobile to run slower.

It will take a lot of time when you backup your Whatsapp chat over Google Drive depending on your Internet Connection.

Phone Contact Backup

One of the most important backup is the backup your contacts, don't forget to backup contacts before reseting your devices.

Go … Settings -- > Contacts – Contacts to display -- > All Contacts
Go … Settings -- > Contacts -- > Import/Export Contacts -- > Export to SD Card

Make sure to follow all steps while backing up your mobile data, so that you can avoid any data loss.

Finally for reseting your phone go to

Setting -- > Backup and Reset

*Back up my data
*Automatic Restore

It asks your confirmation and click on Factory data reset
Hurrah you have done. :)

Settings after reseting your Android Phone

Go to Settings -- > Application -- > Allow installation from Unknown Devices.
and install app your previously extracted using APK Extractor.

Update all installed Apps

Your all joined Whatsapp group will be restored except messages.

How to restore ColorNote notes

Open ColorNote make new text note, it will create backup folder under Phone\data\colorNote\backup
Put already backuped file inside it, and go to application backup\Device Select the backup and your all notes will be restored.

Please do let me know if your feel some difficulty in this process, and also give your feedback about the article.

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