Friday, October 26, 2018

How to earn your first dollar through Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing is selling someone else products at some commission. Popular examples that we can see in our daily life are property selling or car selling commission agents. The main advantage of promoting affiliate offer is that you don't have to take care of manufacturing, storage, supply chain and thing like that. You simply sell someone else product, the supplier supply their goods, gives after sales service etc and you simply get you commission. Pretty awesome!

Digital Affiliate Marketing 

There are thousands of websites online which offer their products to affiliates for selling at some commission, including digital products like hosting, softwares, games, subscription services as well as physical products like, routers, wifi range extenders, clothes, shoes etc. Most popular among them and trusted sites for payments are:

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Amazon is world Biggest online store which sells all type of physical goods that are sold at different amazon store for different countries, you have to make affiliate account for each store for which you want to sell product, like USA, India, UK, Japan, and if you do not sell product without 180 days your affiliate account will be terminated, you have to create a new one, another benefit of Amazon Affiliate program is that this store visitor cookies for 24 hours so that if  user purchase any Amazon product within 24 hours after going through affiliate link you will get commission.


This famous store is for digital products, like eBooks, music, softwares, games etc. You can easily approve Clickbank account and earn commission regardless of country where the traffic is coming, means it is not Geo specific store.

How to earn your first dollar through Affiliate Marketing

The tips I am going to discuss here with you, you will not find anywhere else. There are many ways you can sell your first products online.

Through Organic Traffic

Select an amazon niche of your choice, about which you have plenty of knowledge or you can write professionally or hire a writer to write at least 1500 plus article for product features, pros cons, reviews of you selected product.

Rank you article in SERP through social sharing and make backlinks from authority site of your niche. when your site rank on particular niche and keyword, you will start getting organic visitors and sales as well.

Through Social Sharing

Although most of visitors on social sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Insta and Watsapp come for socializing, entertainment and news. But these platforms are very useful of Marketing your products specially in relevant groups. For Example you can share your Amazon Products on Amazon review groups for sale, mentioning special discount or with coupon code products for sell.

Through Paid Advertisement

You can run paid campaign on Facebook, Youtube, Bing or Google Adword on your selected niche, keyword to get targeted traffic for your product. Here is step by step guide of paid advertisement campaign:

Find out what people are searching for
What are people problem give them solutions
For that you can use a free tool, which is basically a Google Chrome extension named "Keyword Every Where" with which you can see search volume, competition of particular keyword.
after selecting niche and keyword let's suppose we chose Youtube as paid promotion.

Running Youtube Paid Campaign

Step 1: You create youtube ad video of 5 to 6 sec length,  in which you grab attentions of viewer by explaining them you have their problem solution.

Step 2; Through your Youtube video ad you will send expected customer to your youtube video, where you give him some more value, ask him go to your landing page which link is given in description.

Note: Youtube visitor  will only watch your complete ad if you giving him some value, or solving his problem, giving him solution which customer is looking for.

Step 3: When a customer comes to your landing page that is basically a opt in page (you can create one from ) for email capturing through online tools like (

Their should be a bridge page between your Landing (Opt in) page and sales page. where you can share more benefit of your affiliate product, reviews etc.

In this way you are basically creating a Funnel as described in figure

Traffic -- >  Story Ad -- > Opt in Page  -- > Sales Page

You can send follow up emails to customers who have filled opt in page in above steps through email Marketing which we discuss below.

Email Marketing

The Funnel which we have discuss above have second part that is:

Opt in Page -- > Autoresponder -- > Email -- > Sales Page

The most effective  way of building email list is through Youtube, Facebook Advertisement through which you send your prospective customer to Opt in page, where you capture their Name and email address so that you can send them future offers.

Here is Email Subject guide line for follow up emails for affiliate Marketing.

Hey [ First Name ]
Sorry [ First Name ]
Heads up
Last Chance

Their might be a chance that customer which have not purchased your product in previous turn will buy some other product through this email marketing campaign.