Sunday, September 16, 2018

Why do People Fail in Blogging

What is Blogging?

Blogging is writing online on your topic of interest that could be anything like, cooking, cycling, gaming, movies etc. You can also say it an online diary where you share your thought with other online readers. Blogging has become very popular in past few years due to awearness that you can probably earn online with blogging, mean reason are social media sharing, course in facebook groups, pages and youtube videos regarding this. This attracts newbies to earn few bucks online while staying at the comfort of their home. Bu the things are not as easy!

How to earn from Blogging

There are basically two ways to earn from blogging.
Google Adsense
Affiliate Marketing
Although their are lot of Ads networks besides Adsense but Google offers best Cost per Click(CPC) rates and is reliable network.

Blogging as a hobby is nice, but when it comes to earning then many people fails.  Here are few of the reasons why blogging does not suit to every one.

Why do People Fail in Blogging

The main reasons for failure in any online field are 
Lack of Focus (There are lot of distraction online e.g Facebook, Youtube , twitter etc)
Lack of Motivation or hardwork.
Many people think off earning online would be easy, but it is very difficult. Besides above two main reason there are many technical reasons for failure some of which are:
Why do People Fail in Blogging

1) Blogging is a full time Job

Goolge loves new contents, You should regularly update your blog  and share on social media for getting more views. Thats mean you have to spend few hours daily to write new posts, update existing post and for sharing it. Most of the big blogs online, that are getting thousands of views daily have a team of writer that writes for them. So blogging now a full time business if you want to compete for making money through blogging.

2) Daily Blog Views

Google Adsense pays you when a visitor clicks on Adsense ad appearing on your blog. This per click paying rate depends on Cost per Click (CPC) rate that advertise had paid to googe on that particular keyword, through which visitor has come to your site from search engine.

Let us make it  more simple , for every keyword advertise pays to google a particular amount say $1 when a user searching for that "keyword" from google comes to your site and an Ad shows to him and he clicks on that Ad you will get $1 or portion of amount Google pays to publisher.

Google also pays you per ads impression, but that amount is slightly less then per click Cost.
Earning per click or impression also depends on country from where visitor is coming say user is from Asian country  then you will get $1 for thousand impression and if visitor is coming from US, Uk or European Country you can get $7 per thousand impression.
So for earning from Asian Countries traffic you should have atleast 1000 blog view to earn some thing from your blog.

3) Professional Blogging involves investment

Often web newbies start with free platforms like Blogger, Weebly, Wordpress or sites like that thinking they might get traffic and earn through Adsense. But it has become very difficult now a days to get organic traffic on these free platforms because these free domains do not rank and you will never get sufficient traffic for earning.

3) Lack of technical Skills

Learning any skill require a lot of practice, merely viewing youtube videos and reading blog posts are not enough to be skillful, for that you have to take action.  Simple example is to write  in URDU language in Photoshop. when you try to write for the first time will face lot of problem even after watching tutorials, you will learn by doing, by practice and patience.


Blogging is a full time job, which requires hardworking, time and investment to be successful.

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