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Cryptocurrency Digital Coins trading guide for Beginners

Cryptocurrency Digital Coins trading

Cryptocurrency and digital coins trading is very hot topic nowadays. The main reason behind this is, Many new investors have entered in this market due to which Cryptocurrency market had reached new levels by the end  December 2017.

What is Cryptocurrency and Digital Coins?

Cryptocurrency or digital coins are computer currency which are being used as our fiat (local currency) alternative. Here in this article we will discuss some of the features of digital currencies and altcoins. Main features of this currency are:

It is decentralized currency means it is not controlled by any government or country.

It is not a assets based like in physical currency which was previously link to gold.

Digital Coins trading guide for Beginners

Where does Digital Currency come from?

These currencies are made by individual or companies, Everyone should heard about Bitcoin it was made by Satoshi Nakamoto in January 2009, search wikipedia for more detail. Initially these currencies are distributed freely by there produces as a token then these are traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. Here you will find some of newly launched tokens you can get free and then you can trade on exchange.

How to Get free Digital Coins token?

You can get free token from these site before they actually launched in Coins Exchange, and when they are launched you can sell them at higher price.

Candy One Token

How to Trade Cryptocurrency and Digital Coins?

Before trading Cryptocurrecny you should now what is its price, what is price change during last 24 hours, you can easily prices through

There are two ways to trade Cryptocurrency
1) One way is to directly sell to buyer, you can find buyer on facebook currency exchange groups
2) Second way which is more secure is to use reliable Cryptocurrency exchange.

Few of the popular Bitcoin exchanges are

This above mentioned is one of the best Coins Exchange with low transaction fee, simple to join and having easy interface.

This is very old and reliable exchange having variety of Coins to trade.

The detail guide on how to trade on these exchanges is coming soon...  meanwhile you can see tutorial on Youtube on how to trade digital currency.

Now there are thousand Bitcoin mining websites from where you can earn Bitcoins. Here are few of the cloud mining sites from where you can earn bitcoins and other digital altcoins.

How to Get free Bitcoins and Alt Coins?

These are paying site so far, So hurry up to join these and make few bucks... More sites are coming soon, So keep visiting...
Simply join these sites from below link, fill a simple form and follow instruction  to earn free Bitcoins, 

Paying Cloud Mining Site

Get Free Bitcoins every hour

for storage read below paragraph regarding Bitcoins storage.

Where to Store Bitcoins and Alt Coins?

For storage you have should bitcoin wallet where are some of your most popular Bitcoin wallets.


You can directly buy bitcoins from Coinbase through Debit/Credit Card if you live in USA.

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