Thursday, March 1, 2018

How to Increase PTCL 4G EVO Wingle Wifi Signal Range and Speed

PTCL Broadband Internet

I have been using PTCL Internet through land line for a while, then shifted to DSL Broadband Since it launched. No doubt, it has very good signal strength, actually PTCL landline signals are very strong and stable. if you have been using PTCL DSL broadband modem then you will notice that  its Wifi signal will cover your whole home, even you will receive good signals in first floor and outside your home. But if you use PTCL Wireless devices like EVO Wingle, Charji Evo Wingle etc then you will see that signals are not stable and strong.

Increase PTCL 4G EVO Wingle Wifi Signal Range and Speed -

EVO Wingle Wireless Broad

With the launch of EVO Wingle devices many people shifted towards EVO wingle, reason being its portability and high speed.  PTCL Charji Evo Wingle claims to give speed upto 36 Mbps, though it is not true. By the way you can check PTCL DSL speed test through a web site or a mobile app, for website you can visit

Boost PTCL 4G EVO Wingle Wifi Signal Range -

As I mentioned earlier that EVO Wingle wifi Internet Signals are weak, so every time when you test speed the result will be slightly different. For data packages you can see below table or visit PTCL official website

Charji 4G EVO Wingle Packages

2MB Unlimited Broadband Landline connection costs you almost 2,550/- per month including taxes and line rent, you can check latest CharJi EVO Wingle broadband packages from PTCL website, here in below image packages are given on dated 02-03-2018 the only problem with fixed line broadband Internet is its cost is more than Evo Wingle devices and speed is low, moreover when your phone line is disconnected, you have to wait for days to get it fixed.

 PTCL EVO Wingle Packages -

Now the problem every new customer faces when he wants to use USB WIFI Evo Wingle devices is How to improve its signals strength, which is discussed below.

How to Boost PTCL Charji Evo Wingle Wifi Signal

CharJi EVO Wingle is good alternative of landline connection, with good speed and very low disconnection, You can buy CharJi device from any PTCL SmartShop in only Rs.2,500/- up till 18-03-2018, when this article updated.

PTCL CharJi Wingle Wifi USB -

When I bought 4G evo wingle device on 04-Jan-2018. I was surprised to See that its signal was not going even in another room. PTCL claims that is its signal range is about 10 to 15 meters but it did not cover 10 feet if there are walls in between.

So this device is only useful if you use it for single computer or laptop. To extend the Charji EVO signal range and to use it in your whole home you have to purchase an additional third party device, which i personally using D-Link Wifi Range Extender.

Charji Evo Wingle WiFi Range Extender

Increase PTCL 4G EVO Wingle Wifi Signal Range and Speed

This device you can purchase from Hafeez Center Lahore from Rs.3,000/- you can get it configured from the shop, this comes along with CD and networking cable, directly connect it with you PC and configure it with any wifi device including PTC Charji 4G Evo wingle. You can use this device not only with Charji Evo Wingle but also for boosting any Wifi device signals but firstly you have to configure it. If you like this post don't forget to like and share our Facebook page.

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Where to buy D-Link DAP-1360 Wireless-N Range Extender

You can buy D-Link DAP-1360 from Hafeez Center if you live in Lahore, Pakistan alternatively if you want to buy online you can visit Amazon through this link for international buying.