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How to Write in Urdu Language in Computer

How to Write in Urdu Language in Computer

For Urdu writing you don’t need any special keyboard or hardware device etc Urdu can be easily written with English keyboard, you only have to install Urdu keyboard, but for newbies they have to learn first how to get their system ready for urdu writing. You need to have two things for Urdu writing
Urdu keyboard (Software)
Urdu Fonts

How to Install Urdu Keyboard

Here are the steps involved
1- Go to control Panel in windows 7 & enable Urdu keyboard first. You don't need to enable this setting in Windows 10.

2- Download and install CRULP Urdu Phonetic Keyboard Layout v.1.1 for Windows, you can download Urdu keyboard from  Udru Keyboard

3- Go to website Download Urdu Font to down load Urdu fonts, Jameel Nori Nastaleeq is best font for writing Urdu.

4- You can Switch between Urdu and English language by Left side Alt + Shift  or  Window + Spacebar keys on keyboard.

How to write in Urdu in Computer

How to write Urdu in MS-Word or Facebook or on Website

After installing Urdu keyboard and fonts you can write directly in MS-Word or on Internet but if you prefer writing in Inpage then you have to convert Inpage urdu into Unicode Urdu.

How to copy Urdu from Inpage to Other Softwares

Here are few methods you can write Urdu in Inpage and then take it to other softwares

1-Write in Inpage press “Print Screen Button” go to Paint brush open new file paste print screen there, select the desired text with select tool, go to photo shop and past there or directly paste in photoshop.

2-Font size 12, install PDF print, save file as pdf, go to photoshop file --> place embedded… or save file

3- Font size 12, From Inpage file --> export page --> browse Save file as “ Encapsulated Post Script File.

4- Open Inpage first, then Corel Draw, write in inpage copy & paste in Corel draw

5- You can convert inpage urdu into Unicode to paste it into MS-Word or internet by or download Inpage to Unicode Conversion Utility here.

6- If you write in Inpage  and convert it into Unicode you have to change all Bari  "ے" to “
   "ی " manually.

Write Urdu without Inpage or Urdu keyboard

You can also write Urdu without even installing inpage or Urdu Keyboard using google input tools. Simply go to following website of google, Select your language as Urdu, Start typing in Urdu, you can copy and past Urdu from this site to anywhere on Internet.

How to write Urdu in Photoshop

Here are the steps involved
1- You must have installed Photoshop Middle East or CC version to write Urdu in Photoshop

2-Install Urdu keyboard first, A language bar should appear on task bar giving option to change language between English & Urdu.

3-Open Photoshop go to Edit --> Preferences --> Type --> Tick the option button “Middle east & south Asian”

4-Go to Type menu then Language Options -- > Middle Eastern Features

5- Open the Paragraph option by menu  Window --> Paragraph and click on “Right to Left Paragraph Option”

6- Write your urdu language directly from Photoshop

7- Press Alt+ Shift to switch between languages

If you trying to write in Photoshop CS6, then procedure will not be as simple as writing in Photoshop.

1-You will have to write in Inpage Urdu then export file.

2- Go to Inpage  File -- > Export page -- > Click on Browse button and save file as .eps extension

3- Import file in Photoshop with higher resolution like 300 dpi

How to Write URDU in Android Mobile

This method is tested on Samsung Grad Prime Android version 5.0.2 on other mobiles option might be slightly changed. Method is:

Go to Settings -- > System -- > Language and input  -- > Keyboards and Input methods

Click on Samsung Keyboard -- > Click on + Select Imput Languges and Select Urdu Language

Now URDU Qwerty keyboard is installed, for typing slide on English keyboard Spacebar to change it into URDU keyboard.

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