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Skills to make money online


Most of the new users plunge into illegal and time consuming activities for online earning at start of their career, they start by captcha entry sites and then move to the revenue share sites and PTC sites, but after spending a lot of time and money they come to realize that these activities are only wastage of time and money, most of the PTC and revenue shares sites are scam sites which after few month stops paying or completely shut down after taking your money, so with my personal experience I will tell you some of the legitimate and genuine online earning methods so you can avoid wastage of your precious time and money right from the start of your career. These methods are:

Legit ways to make money online in 2019

Here are some genuine and legit broad ways to make Money Online in 2019, The list is exhaustive you can follow a niche according to your interest. List is categories according to potential of earning.

1)  Dropshipping or Ecommerce Store
2)  CPA and Affiliate Marketing ( Maxbounty, Peerfly, Amazon, Clickbank)
3)  Freelancing  (Fiverr, Upwork)
4)  Adsense earning through Blogging, Youtube, Android Apps
5)  Facebook Ad Break
6)  Digital Crypto Currency Selling
7)  Forex Trading

Here is brief intro of some of the ways mentioned above.


If you have passion of writing, you can start blogging with any topic (niche) in which you have interest and starts earning money with ads network, affiliate marketing, selling website space, backlinks creation, guest posts, selling your website, or offering some services if your website have good traffic.

Skills to make money online -

Important thing in blogging is that you carefully select your topic in which you have are interest, you would have plenty of knowledge about that topic so you can write on that topic, and otherwise you will not be able to write articles on that topic. For monetizing your blog you can read my other post regarding the ads network here.

Your site ranking and website traffic is the most important thing in blogging if you want to earn from your website. Learn more about Blogger Basic Settings for New Blogs

Video monetizing


Second most popular method of monetizing your content is video creation and monetizing on video networks like YouTube, Dailymotion. If your any video goes viral you can earn hundreds of dollars in a single day but it depends quality of content and value addition.

Youtube Monetizing Policy

Now Youtube has changed its monetizing policy you have to complete

4000  Hours watch time
1000  subscribers

in last 12 Months to eligible for channel monetizing. after reaching the threshold Youtube automatically review your channel for monetizing and let you know by email within one month whether your channel is monetized or not. 

Freelancing Networks is top freelancing network with hundreds of jobs available daily for online work, you select a job according to your skills and start your online work, but there is a lot of competition for any job, actually you bid for a job and the user with a lowest bid and higher profile rating, gets a job, so you have to be master in some skill to get orders.
Learn more about how use Make Money without any specific skills


Like Upwork is also a freelancing website which offer hundreds of jobs for freelancers all over the world, if you don't have any specific skills you can start your online work career with simple jobs like a data entry, virtual assistant, social media marketing related jobs, then gradually you can develop a skill according to your interest.

Fiverr is a great freelancing platform where you offer your services against $5, you create a Gig for each service you offer and customer select your service according to their need, Unlike other freelancing websites where you select jobs according to your skills, in Fiverr you offer your service against $5 and customer select your service according to their need, so the method of selecting service is different but the work is same.
Now a question will arise in your mind that how much, can i earn with this $5 gig, but you can earn much more by adding adons with your gig, like fast one day delivery, number of revision, number of ideas of a design etc. people are for earning hundreds of dollars in a day with this tiny gigs in day.

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