Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Job Search Guidance and free Career Advice

In this informative post specially for young graduates, I am going to tell you jobs opportunities in Pakistan and career advice about different jobs in Pakistan.
In every field of life you have to prioritize your work what you actually want to do? Identify your skills, potential, what do you like? It is the most difficult task in the world, knowing you.

Job Search Guidance and free Career Advice -

There are many things which may be your priorities of life like:


Time Freedom

Work Life Balance

Social Status

If you know what are your priorities of your life then you actually enjoy your work.


Some people want to be rich in their life at any cost they don't care much about their family life, socialization, they actually want to earn a lot of money they should go for highly paying private sector jobs specially in sales and marketing field.

Time Freedom

If you want to get time freedom in your life, then you should go for your own business, this is only way you can avoid 9:00 to 5:00 routine jobs but if you want to earn a lot of money with “time freedom” then you actually have to work even more than 8 hours even though you have time freedom in your business you don't have to get permission of anyone to go out, or to take rest if you are on the of business owner.

Work Life Balance

If you want Work Life balance in your career then you should go for government sector jobs, there you can avail your leaves and can go early at home in afternoon.

Social Status

If you want good status and authority in your life then go for higher level government jobs thorough CSS, PCS or Join Army, you will enjoy good salary, status at the expense of leaving your home town.

Age Criteria for jobs

Now having said all this, I am going to give you some of the sites you have to visit daily to get your dream job but before that I am going to discuss age criteria for jobs.

Career starting job 24-26 Years

When you newly graduate from any university you are offered entry level jobs which starts from the age of 24 to 26 years.

Management Trainee Jobs up to 25-28 years

Management Trainee jobs which are offered from 25 to the maximum age limit of 28 years.

Mid-Career Jobs up to 35 years

Mid-Career Jobs are offered from 2 to 5 years of experience with maximum age limit of 35 years, after that you can switch in your own field according to your experience but changing profession is very difficult. Here are few of the sites which you should you visit daily to find your dream jobs.

Our education system train us to be employee, there are thousands of other way to earn through your own business, try to establish your own enterprises if you bear to take risk.

Difference between Job and Business

You must have to sell some services or products or both to earn something.


You sell your services along with your time to earn. You are dependent on one employer for earning because you don't left any time for some other way of earning, and if unfortunately you are fired off from job, you will fall in big trouble as you have no immediate source of earning.


In business you don't directly sell you time, instead sell your services or product to earn, This is the major difference between job and business, you have time freedom and you can manage your time for multiple projects or source of income.

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