Sunday, May 21, 2017

How to write a good blog post

Many new blogger face difficulty in writing in Writing a good Blog Post here in this article i will discuss some the techniques and tools to write a blog post article, if you want to start a blogging career, This article will be very helpful for you.

Post Title

Post title appears in Google search results so choose a post title wisely, you should target your keywords in post title, a good way to choose a post title is to search in Google about your keywords and find a good post title from the Google search results.
Your permalink are build based on your post title, blogger automatically create permalinks for you based on your post title. If it seems not a good title then you can edit permalinks on the upper right side of Post setting menu from custom permalinks option before publishing your post.

How to write a Blog Post -


Always start your Post with the introductory paragraph about what is your post all about? Which points it will cover? A good introduction will insist the visitor to completely read your blog post. This is very important for your site engagement and reduce bounce rate.

Main Content of Post

It is the main body of your post which explains your post it's a very good practice to make headings of points you are going to discuss in your post. Explain each of your point in 3 to 4 lines and support it with images. For technical guideline you can include a YouTube video to clear your points.
Always write your own content never try to copy another contents otherwise your blog post will not be rank and you can be penalized by Google AdSense, this is also true for image post will try to find copyrighted free images with some editing for your post, if you are posting the news always give a reference of this site from where you have taken that image. is very good site for post images where you can find hundreds of a copyrighted free images with editing options.

Content Writing Tools

Here I will discuss some useful tools which you can use for writing your blogs post in a very fast manner. The secret of fast writing is by using
A website, yes open the site in Google Chrome Browser and then use you’re MIC to speak and your spoken words will be written, you don't have to type anything, the plus point of this site is that you can edit wrong words, type commas, full stops and change lines manually to speed up writing process then copy and paste those paragraph into your post.
Your blog should be at least 500 words long to count number of words of your post you can use a website or simply write your post in Microsoft word select your post and you will see number of words in bottom bar in Microsoft word. If you are writing directly in blogger then a very good at Google Chrome extension grammarly will help you spelling checking and automatic correction of sentences.

Image Optimization

Image Optimization is very important for your site loading speed and for Google ranking for this you can I use through website you can minimize size of your .PNG images without quality loss, another tip is always use ALT image tag and description of your image for good Google ranking.


Conclusion is where you summarize your most important points so The Reader have clear understanding of your post you can also get feedback about your post by asking reader to comments on your post and give suggestion to improve your blog as well.

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