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How to do online shopping from Pakistan

Online Shopping Trends in Pakistan

Online shopping in Pakistan has never been easier due to tight regulatory requirement of Central Bank for money in and out of the country and custom clearance formalities. 

That is the reason the world top most companies like Paypal has not yet allowed there service in Pakistan, Besides this consumer behavior of online shopping has not developed due to the reason that you are not able to see and touch things physically before buying, and if you don’t like a product or it is not upto desire quality how you will return that product if you have paid price earlier. 

You have to rely on the website advertisement our product reviews. These were some reasons for low volume of E-Commerce business in Pakistan. But now the trend has changed.

Local Stores

With the advancement IT Industry in Pakistan many local businesses has started their online stores, boutiques, clothes shops, online shopping websites and some only exist online, with no local Store, online shopping trends has been little bit changed due to the local online stores where you can pay on delivery and you can return if you don’t like that product. Some local online which are offering these services are
With the collaboration of local bank they are offering discount and promos for local users for using their cards.

How to do online shopping from Pakistan -

Foreign Stores

But you can't totally rely on local stores for online shopping you have to buy some foreign products like web hosting, domain names, advertisement services of adword, bing, facebook for affiliate marketing, You can also buy products from online shopping stores like


One of the best site which deliver free of delivery cost products in Pakistan is They use China post to deliver product in Pakistan. One of the major advantage of using this website is they return your payment if product does not arrive in time. Usually it takes 2 weeks to 2 Months to arrive product in Pakistan from China.

For all that you should have Visa/Master debit or credit card or online virtual card for shopping.

Cards for Online Shopping

Here I will discuss some of the cards which are acceptable all over the world for online shopping. One of the best cards which is the acceptable of for every service purchase and is also available in Pakistan is Payoneer MasterCard you can get this card by going to this link

Payoneer Master Card

This is one of the most popular card for receiving online payment from freelancing networks like Upwork, fiverr etc. You can also use it for online purchasing like domain, hosting and you can also withdraw money through local ATM machines.

Get a free Master Payoneer Master Card

And they will dispatch your card at your home free of cost. You can fund this card through online freelancing work on sites like
there are many other online sites from where you can earn through freelancing work and can take payment in Payoneer Card or you can fund this card with online money exchanges who convert your local rupees into Payoneer dollars against a fee.
Local bank cards which are specifically designed for online shopping

Meezan Bank Visa Debit Card

You can use Meezan Bank Visa Debit card for online purchasing without session activation, try to use it on secure site like aliexpress they have very good policy of returning your funds if purchased item does not arrive within stipulated time.

UBL Wiz Card

You can get your UBL WiZ Card without opening bank account, simply visit your nearest UBL branch with your CNIC and income proof e.g. your salary slip and get your UBL WIZ Internet Card with only Rs.250+16%tax i.e. Rs.290 as of today 26-Dec-2017, This card is very handy you don't have to activate session for internet shopping and there is no annual charges. Other card limits and charges are as follows:
Annual Online shopping limit = 500,000
Online Deposit  = free
UBL ATM withdrawal = free

UBL Virtual Debit Cards (VCC)

UBL has stoped issuance new  UBL WIZ Card from Feb-2019 due to huge Credit/Debit Card frauds in Pakistani Banks at the start of Year 2019. Now you have another option to open UBL Mukamal Current account and activate internet banking, where you can generate Virtual Debit Cards online. 


Beside this you can also use almost all local bank card for online shopping after activation of a online shopping session through calling their helpline, Bank do this for saving you from online fraud and for security of their customer accounts.

Telenor Easypaisa Virtual Debit Card

Recently telenor has introduce Pakistan first Telenor easypaisa Virtual Debit Card for their easypaisa customer, which they can get through their mobile app. This card will definitely solve many online shopping problems of pakistani people.

Virtual credit card (VCC)

Virtual credit cards are alternative of local bank card and other international Master cards like to Payoneer Card through virtual card you can do all kind of online transaction except local ATM withdrawal for that you should have a physical card; you can make a virtual card from many online sites like


If you are satisfied with the quality of an online product you sure there will be no issue of custom clearance at arrival of product in country then despite restrictions, there are many legal ways available for online shopping from Pakistan.

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