Sunday, April 30, 2017

How to download any video from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo without any Software

How to download video from Youtube

Downloading videos for editing from facebook and youtube is not an easy task especially for newbies they try to download different software and waste time for nothing, here in this tutorial I am going to tell you and simple downloading method through a web site in minutes.

In this tutorial I will show you how to download any video from YouTube and many other video websites for free and easily!
But for the sake of clarity I have focus in this tutorial only on downloading videos from YouTube, the method works for many other websites as well.

Let’s start without any further delay:

Step 1:  Go to YouTube video that you want to download, for this tutorial i will selected a video here from a health channel named Health & Fitness Info the video URL is

Step 2:  Click on the above URL and remove “http://www” part and replace it with “ss” instead if existing so that the final URL looks like this

It is a shortcut of opening a downloading site or alternatively you can directly open the under mentioned site

How to download any video from YouTube without any Software -

Ok now simply press enter and bang blah! You can now download the video in different formats as shown in above image.

Enjoy downloading from YouTube and many other websites for free of cost!

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You can find other supporting sites and videos detail from

Here is the complete procedure to download a youtube video:

How to download videos from Facebook

To download video from facebook 

1-Right click on facebook video, copy video link

2-Go to Downloading Site
3-Paste the link and enjoy downloading

If the above website doesn't work try this site.
Downloading Site 2

How to download a embedded video of Vimeo

To download a embedded video from a site

1-Right click on vimeo video, and click on properties, copy url
2-Open video in new tab
3-Right click on video and click on "View page source"
4-Find .mp4 from page source, you will find 4 .mp4 result
5-Copy first complete link of video from https// till .mp4 and paste in new tab
6-Right click on video and click on "save as"
7-Select location and save file

If the above method doesn't work you can try another website to download Vimeo Video.
Downloading Site

If the above website doesn't work try this site.
Downloading Site 2

Even then if you are not finding any way to download Vimeo video, or video is private or above mentioned website link is changed (do let me know in comments) and you can play video online and record it using any screen capturing software, like Camtasia Studio.

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