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The Money of Internet, BitCoin Currency

The Money of Internet, BitCoin Currency -

Today we will talk about bitcoin currency.

What is Bitcoins currency?
How it works?
What is Price of Bitcoins?
Where Bitcoins can be used?
How can we earn bitcoins online? 
Who has created Bitcoins?

If you want to know answer to these questions read the post completely so that you have no doubt in your mind. So let’s start

What is Bitcoins currency

Bitcoin is a digital currency which can’t be seen nor touchable, I mean to say that it is digital currency it's only work online it is not in printed form like our other currencies. It is famous and is being used all over the world over the internet. There are lot of other digital currency on the Internet which are traded like shares, read more about about Cryptocurrencies and Digital Coins Trading Guide

How it works

As you all know physical currencies are control by their countries, Bitcoin is not controlled by anyone in the world. This works as peer-to-peer network and it is growing very fast all over the world. In the start its acceptability was limited, many people did not used to accept it but now everyone accept this currency and may be it completely changes our financial system in future.

Bitcoins Wallet

Bitcoins Wallet is storage place for your bitcoins where you can deposit and withdraw bitcoins (in the shape of online payment) like you do in a bank account, There are many online payment processor of bitcoins where you can open a bitcoin account. Most popular of them are listed below

What is the price of Bitcoins

Friends now a question will be arised in your mind that what is its value of bitcoin the answer to this question is very difficult because without government intervention this currency is fluctuated very fastly so Bitcoin price changes every day if Bitcoin value is a converted into USD then as of today 27-Dec-2017 its price is $16,292.30  and on 26 January 2017 its value was $983 it's a very huge difference in amount if you convert it into a PKR then $16,292.30 X 140  = Rs.2,280,922/- but no one knows what will be its price on tomorrow.

Who has created Bitcoins

A software developer named Satoshi Bakamoto created this currency in 2008 and this was publicly released in 2009 as we all know in one dollar there are hundred cents seem like this Bitcoin has 100000000 satoshies in one Bitcoin, The developer has named it on its own name Satoshi. If you want to create a online account for bitcoin read my artice Online Payment Services

Where Bitcoins can be used

Bitcoins can be used on online shopping like we use our credit card, you can buy domain name or hosting from some site, and you can also use it on many revenue share sites where you can purchase online advertisement and in return they give you advertising service along with revenue share in their sales, so in this way you can increase your bitcoins.

How we can earn Bitcoin Online

Friends now I will tell you how to earn Bitcoins, there are two ways to earn Bitcoins first you can buy a Bitcoins and hold it until its value is up and then you sell, let's say you buy 2 Bitcoins and its value in PKR is 20,000 and after one day if its value becomes 30,000 then you can sell and you can make profit of 10,000 in a day. The second way is there are hundreds of websites online which pay you after 15 to 30 minutes some Sotoshies so you can collect those and sell them for dollars. 

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Hope you have all known that what is Bitcoin? And when and how it was created? How we can earn and where we can spend Bitcoins? If you want to know investment opportunities of Bitcoin please do let me know on my email address are you are comments on this post.

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