Thursday, January 26, 2017

Share your progress with your family, friends & relatives

Share your progress with your family, friends & relatives -

Some people are more blessed than others in the race of life, they are more rich, enjoying quality of life than others, it not solely depends on hardworking it but also on opportunities in life and fate of a person. So success is a blessing of GOD, who gave them time freedom, intelligence, motivation to work hard and a focus in a particular direction so they are succeed. Here are few of the traits which leads you toward success.

Direction and focus

When we see people around us, there are many people who want to do something for better life style, they are hardworking, willing but have no idea what to do, where to start. Direction and focus is very important thing to be successful in every field if you choose the wrong direction you will waste your time and energy and we get nothing at the end, so if a person has experimented many things in life and He guides you and show you the right direction then your time will be saved and your chances of being successful is enhanced.

Jack of all traits master of none

IT field is very vast you can’t master in all skills like website designing and development, YouTube, freelancing, working on fiverr, CPA and affiliate marketing, Facebook pages selling, article writings these are few skills which I mentioned from which you can earn online, actually earning online required to be a creative mind it’s even more required if you are designing, making front end of your website are doing social media marketing. So you have two narrow down your focus to a specific skills which suits you, you have a passion about it and you love to do work in that otherwise you will be learning only skills and earning nothing at the end, Earning is as important as breath for your life if you are not earning with your skill you are not a skillful person. Learn more about Job Search Guidance and Free Career Advice

FATE plays a role

Fate plays an equally important role as hard-working and intelligence does, if you don’t recognize the role of fate it is even more clear in case of females their destiny appears after their marriage sometime is a very intelligent and beautiful girl married to a poor and sometime a ugly girl married to a very handsome, so fate is equally important in your success in every field some people work less and earn a lot and some people work very hard but remains hand to mouth.

Moral Obligation

Now it your moral obligation that you at least share your secret of your success to your friends, family, relatives and person attached to you whom you care about. It seems very strange that you are very rich, enjoying all luxuries of life and your loved ones are living miserable life. Share your money, knowledge, experience to change their life. It is even telling them how to start small business, providing them technical support, showing them the right direction to work or even giving them a hook to catch fishes.

This will ultimately benefits you in some stage of life. Have you ever thought about it? 

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