Thursday, January 26, 2017

Investment in shares, stocks market

Investment in shares, stocks market -

Besides your regular full time job, investment in stock market is a good option for some extra earning, you don't have to spend 2 or 3 hours after your job as in case of doing freelancing jobs on Fiverr or Upwork, just check the stock market position by visiting KSE site and everything is there, you can check previous day summary, top traded shares, their volume, their value and lot more, and if you are interest in detail analysis of a particular company they also have lot of information of that particular company.

Initial public offering ( IPO )

Investment in IPO (initial public offering) most of the times gives you abnormal profit, other tips is, At start invest in shares that have high volume of trade so that you have a fair judgment of stock market working and with then with experience you can choose any company looking at their financials. Also learn about Forex Trading Guide for Beginners

Stock Broker

For stock market investment firstly you have to find a stock broker with good reputation and low commission rate, Broker reputation should be good, else if he defaults you will lose your money. For every purchase & sales transaction, broker normally charge you some money it is nominal amount ranges from .03 paisa to Rs.1 or more depending upon the value of share.If the broker is registered with KSE then he will charge low commission otherwise if he is registered only with LSE, then he will charge more amount i-e 0.12 paisa per transaction for trading in KSE shares. This amount seems very low but looking at the changes in shares price each day this amount matters.

Risks in shares trading

This market is less riskier than Forex market in which you can loss all of your money within minutes but in case of a stock market investment if you have a caution available in your wallet, investment is not gone in minutes, if you have holding power, you can hold your investment   and whenever price go up you can send and make profit. Most of the time people may get loss in stock market share which is due to the reason that they don’t do technical analysis of  financial statements of the companies and only rely on past history on gut feeling with does not  work all the time.
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Online Trading

Now many companies allows you to online trading by using their trading software with very low commission rates, you have to install their software and you can do online as well as off-line trading at the comfort of your home using Internet. Off-line trading mean you can book order and it transition will be executed on the next working day. Most popular in these companies are “Taurus Securities” a subsidiary of National Bank of Pakistan which opens account only in Rs.5000/- and JS Bank online trading Account which opens in Rs.25000/-. If you want more information regarding on-line stock market trading you can contact me via email or comments on the post I will be in touch you shortly.
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