Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Best Internet Browsers

The Best Internet Browsers -

There was a time when internet browsing means Microsoft Internet Explorer and very few people use to use Netscape Navigator but the time has changed now, there are plenty of internet browsers in the market now, and few are mentioned in the title. I have used all the above mentioned browsers but I am more comfortable with Maxthon Cloud browser, it is more like Microsoft Internet Explorer, but had some additional functions like Facebook video clip downloading button, split screen, snap tool, translate and many more. Learn more about Increase PTCL 4G Evo Wingle WIFI Signal Range and Speed

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is very easy to use, and user friendly, its history storage is very good feature, but lacks additional functionality like add-on. Thanks to Internet Explorer without which we cannot download other browsers, Internet Explorer is now in Windows 10 has been replaced with Edge browser.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a very good browser with lot of customization of tool bar and add-on support. It is equally popular in Linux platform like in open source Linux.

Google Chrome

Google chrome is a fast browser but don’t look like as easy navigation like internet explorer. It allows adding extensions like add-on in Firefox. It’s very powerful browser made by Google very speedy, run all types of websites even many sites my personal browser Maxthon refuses to open which I then have to open through Google Chrome, its updating is very frequent quick.

TOR Browser

We all want that no one can be traced over the Internet and our location cannot be identified, this can be due to security or privacy reason. For that we use VPN which I hide our original IP address and location but we can’t be anonymous with the use of VPN.
We hide our IP address so the hacker cannot identify our location, when we open a website with a browser it sends our IP address to website but in case of TOR browser it sends multiple IP addresses to our website so it cannot recognize from where the customer is coming. People use these tools for different purposes it’s not like that it’s only used for illegal purposes some people use it for hiding their IP from hackers some others use it for illegal purposes. Now you might be thinking that the TOR is totally safe for us, no its not. There are many companies that t claim to trace the IP address of TOR browser.

Opera Browser

There are many more browsers like Opera, spark etc. Opera browser is stable and very good browser with wide interface if you hide menu bar.

Browser choice depends on comfort and the feature you want to find in it, but having  multiple Browsers in a single computer have many the advantages which are beyond the scope of this article, my favorite is Maxthon cloud browser which is I am currently using, specially I like its shortcut keys of zoom in & out, switching between tabs, its add-on to download Facebook video. So which internet browser you have used from the above list, and which is your favorite?

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