Thursday, January 26, 2017

High Speed Internet Connections

High Speed Internet Connections -

There was a time when people used to dial dial-up connection to connect to internet, many ISP’s (internet service provider) were there in the market with their internet connection cards, I remember I used to prefer excess internet card for internet connection. That I used to bought Rs.10/- with three hours internet access. Then PTCL gave access on all landline numbers and the charges came in the monthly bill. Now the time has changed no more dial up connection in market, everywhere there is Broad Band, 3G and 4G connection.

PTCL Broadband

I am using PTCL broad band DSL land line connection with economy package that costs only Rs.500/- for 10 GB data limit and 1 MB speed. Despite various print and electronic media advertisement of high speed connectivity I am facing very low internet speed and several disconnections. What is your experience about PTCL DSL connection? Is there any other internet economical internet connection available in the market? One possibility is using mobile internet but you can use it only on one mobile set, if you make your handset hotspot then you can connect other devices, but it is not possible to use your handset all the time as hotspot like modem, it is not made for that purpose. To read more about PTCL USB wingle devices read post related to How to Increase PTCL 4G EVO Wingle Signal Range and Speed

Mobile Internet

Mobile Internet connection is very costly and not feasible to use, they charge you in megabytes Mbs and if you are to watching YouTube or Facebook videos then megabytes is consumed very quickly, they offer you in a very small megabytes packages which are of no use, I don’t know why people subscribe to these packages which is only wastage of money and time I personally don’t recommend using Internet over mobile because the websites offer different versions of site for a mobile user which is not as a user friendly as desktop computer sites.

Zong 4 G

Nowadays Zong is offering Internet packages in very competitive prices, user feedback is awesome regarding the zone 4G Internet but there are few complaints that they are charging for excess MBs. In a recent past one our country top SEO expert Mr. Tanveer Nandhla launched a campaign against Zong on social media regarding miss commitment and excess charges deduction, He got very good response and Zong customer representative contacted Mr.Nandhla for resolution of the matter and assured him this kind of event will not happen in future they committed to provide full MBs according to the package. You can know which internet browser is best to you by reading my post The best Internet Browsers.


There are many other companies which are offering Internet connection at cheap prices one of which is wi-tribe the problem with these companies are they are not covering full city, there is signal problem.


So In the end I recommend using PTCL broadband which are offering very good speed the only problem with this is when there is a fault in your telephone line, it takes time to correct line issues otherwise they are offering very good speed and rates are very competitive and there is no match in these rates. Your comments are welcomed regarding this post or the blog as well.

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