Thursday, January 26, 2017

Drinking Water with empty tummy can save you from many diseases

Water Drinking Benefits -

Medical experts say that drinking water before breakfast can save you from many diseases, they say four glasses water should be taken in the morning, Medical experts have proved the usefulness of drinking empty tummy water, they says that this method treatment is very old, drinking empty tummy water save from headache ,body pain, heart health, T.B, diseases of kidneys, and  diabetes , water should be drunk just after getting up, and after that brush your teeth, wash your mouth, and walk 45 minutes before breakfast, the people who could not drink four glasses of water at once, should start from less glasses and gradually come to four glasses. So what is your opinion about start drinking water in the morning? This is best remedy for fairness of skin, reducing body weight and many more.
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Water is a gift of God, and asset for a country, in future war will be fought for water. A country in which there are waterways they are generating huge income through these waterways by transportation, it’s  used for drinking, cooking, washing, producing electricity, for cultivating agricultural land, and in industrial production. In some countries sea water is also used for producing salt. Rain and ice on Mountains are main source of water beside these underground water is a big source of water, but its level depends on waterways and rain average of country. It’s important  can’t be denied in any case.

Advantages for body

Another benefit which I have observed is, when your belly is filled with water you eat less food, so it will gradually reduce your tummy, you are more active, energetic, and your skin will shine, when you eat more you will feel sleepy, I often feel like sleepy after every time I eat whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. So what is your opinion about this?

Disadvantages for body

There are people opposite to the this opinion those says that there is no medical evidence that drinking water empty tummy save you from diseases rather they say that drinking water empty tummy can make you weaker and when you are weaker you are more prone to diseases. Water should be clean, in most third World countries there is a big problem of dirty water which is causing enormous diseases so boiling water should be used on those areas. Another thing to judge that water is a clean is that the clean water should be colorless and odorless if you are feeling some taste in water then you may say that this not clean.


71% of Earth is covered with water it is vital for every life. Our bodies is made of water drinking water has many benefits, whether drinking water in empty tummy can make you weaker or save you from diseases but is it sure that drinking water before having lunch or dinner and a few minutes’ walk after that is a helpful in many ways. Walk is even more important after dinner; it saves you from fat tummy gas trouble and indigestion.

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