Friday, January 27, 2017

10 Best Android Apps for all time

10 Best Android Apps for 2017 -

Hello guys in this article I will tell you some useful android apps I have used all these applications and found it very useful so I'm going to tell you, do share it with your family, friend if you think it’s worth sharing.
So the first basic and very useful application which I found is:

Extract APK

This application is really awesome and you must have on your android phone, this actually make backup of all your android apps so whenever you reset your android phone you can re-install them from backup.

TRUE Caller

This application is very handy this application collects contacts names from Internet and show you while you call from your mobile phone, it happens sometime you don't know the name of your contact, you take a number from someone else and you don't know the name of the contact, so this True caller application show you the name of the contact, if anyone have saved this name on his mobile, are your contact himself/herself have saved name on Internet on any social media website.

Share it

Sometimes you have very good videos, images, songs, or any multimedia items, which you want to share it with your family, friends so here comes this application, this will very speedily transfer your file from one mobile to other mobile it speed is more than Bluetooth but this application must be installed on both mobile phones for sharing between each other.


If you are found off watching TV channels, you love to watch international channels which usually can’t be seen on local cable network then this application is for you, you can install this application and watch popular Hollywood TV channels on your android mobile phone smoothly.


If you are using PC and you have downloaded software from Internet you must know the name of torrent sites these are peer to peer network sites, which shares software programs, games, movies and any other type of data without restriction. So if you have a Wi-Fi connection our DSL broadband connection then you can download your data on your mobile with the help of this utorrent software.

Audio manager

This is kind of secret application, which no one will share with you, what this application does? It store your personal data, secret files which you don't want to show offs anyone else except you. Its appearance looks like in an audio player but actually in it you can save your private data. So no one can recognize it.


This software is very useful to speed up your mobile it can clean your junk files, speed up your mobile, cool down your processor, and uninstall applications and many more functions. It has many other add-ons available which can you use according to your requirement

Max player

If you are found off watching movies, listening to music, and playing video clips then thing this application is very useful for you with the help of this application you can easily zoom in and zoom out can do volume up/down can change brightness lower/high with the touch of your fingers.


There will be no one which are using android phone and have not listen the name of whatsapp application. It’s very useful application for video/voice calling, sharing files, images, text message and voice messages.

IMO Messenger

After whatsapp this application is very popular in Pakistan and in Middle East countries it does the same work like Whatsapp, but you can only do voice/video chat with this application.

Hope you guys have found very useful applications, do comment on this post and let me know what is your experience about these application and also share any other useful application which you might have used.


  1. Wonderful Ideas.. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. You are welcome, always keep backup of your apps using "Extract APK" app, in case you reset your phone you can easily re-install from backup, read my other post about How to Factory reset your Android Phone