Monday, December 12, 2016

Online Payment Services

Internet payment processors are your gateway to any online transaction. you can purchase, Transfer money online, or you can withdraw through ATM, here are few popular payment processors.

Online Payment Services -

1- Paypal

Paypal is one of the top internet payment processor in the word, you can transfer money with Paypal, you can do online shopping; pay your hosting fee and many more. You can attach your bank account and your debit card with your PayPal account and transfer money within seconds. Unfortunately Payapl account is not allowed in many countries including Pakistan. So you have to find some alternative payment processes for that.

2- Payoneer

Payoneer is very good payment processes they provide you an online bank account which is like a physical bank account, they open your bank account in the “Bank of America” you can also get a free Master card with your Payoneer Bank account the best thing of this Master Card is that you can also use it in Pakistan and you can withdraw money through any bank ATM machine or you can shop anywhere where Master Card is accepted. You can get a free Get A Free Payoneer Master Card Here.

3- Solid Trust Pay

You can make solid trust pay account by submitting your identity documents; In Pakistan you can approve it only by submitting your passport scanned is very secure payment processor, you can join Solid Trust Pay (STP) here.

4- Perfect Money

This is very popular payment processor and they charge very low transaction fee you can verify your Perfect Money account with your telephone bill and your driving license scanned copy. If you want to make money online for these payment processors then read my articles about Make Money Online without any specific skills. Perfect Money (PM) can be used for Forex trading by some brokers. Join Perfect Money Payment processor here.

5- Payza

Like perfect money you can verify your Payza account with your telephone bill and your driving license you can also attach your local bank account with your Payza account to transfer the money from Payza to your local bank account. Join Payza here.

6- Bitcoins

BItcoin is the future Internet currency it’s price is very high as compared to other currencies, you can invest and hold this currency to gain profit, other benefit of this currency is that you can get a virtual as well as physical Credit Card (VCC) in that currency with very low cost and you can use it for online shopping. There are many payment processors offering Bitcoins account, like Block chain, Coin base, Coin Payment.

7- Payeer

Payment is very good payment processor, which offers you Master Card as well as you  can transfer funds in it via SWIFT wire transfer from any local bank after your account verification with documents. You can also use it without verification for small transactions. Join Payeer here for world of opportunities.

8 - OKPay

OkPay is another very good payment processor and in it after verification of your account you can get a MasterCard for online shopping you can verify your accord with Government issued ID with your full name and photo, You can Join OKPay here.

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