Monday, December 12, 2016

Hurdles in online earning

Facebook Addiction

One of the biggest distractions I have faced in my online field is Facebook, yes Facebook. The reason is, whenever I tried to write any article for my website or I wanted to upload video to my YouTube channel. My whole time went to this destructive activity so I suggest you guys whenever you start your career in blogging you should keep in mind these things if you want to be succeed kept away procrastination when you use Facebook for checking your newsfeed or important messages you should fix some time for that thanks for reading my post, your comments are welcomed.
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Lack of Focus on one thing at a time

The second most important think which I have observed during my online journey is Focus you should focus on only one thing at a time, try to narrow down your focus on what you want to do if you are working on a YouTube channel then go on YouTube channel and make videos for that, find topic, find high paying keywords related to your niche, promote your channel on social media sites. Online field is not in a as easy as it looks there is a lot of competition so try to focus on one thing at a time and try improve your skill, work hard to achieve your goals.

Hurdles in online earning -

Too early to quit

Online earning field is not like that you become a rich overnight people tend to quit very early whenever you try to learn something it takes times so for online learning you have to get some skill to get paid and when you are competing all over the world you can’t say that you compete without practice and without being proficient in any skill.Other thing,  you should have motivation and believe that you can online there are many stories that online earning is a myth a scam thing, but there are thousands of people’s which are earning online and they have grown up from a very difficult circumstances, with the lack of resources, teachers but even then they got success.

Follow your passion

New bloggers often try to follow Niche which are high-paying and which are very popular, in those niches they don’t have interest like fashion, technology, Insurance, health they result in lack of interest and they can’t produce quality contents that’s why they feel in their bedroom get on the other hand if they choose an topic in which they have passion, they have sufficient knowledge, they will love to write and there content will be a of high quality so choosing a niche is very important in blogging and Online earning. Learn more about Free Career Advice

Implementation and experiments

Implementation I think is the most important factor to be successful online, people tend to collect information, tutorials, tips and tricks they gathered thousands of resources online, but never implement a single trick in full, so without implementation you can’t earn a single penny even if you have books of knowledge, other important think besides implementation is experiments, you know many things with your personal experiences while implementing a trick. Experience is the best teacher which teaches you those things which nobody can teach you.


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