Sunday, December 18, 2016

Basic SEO Tips for traffic and adsense


Write complete description of your blog in blogger basic settings, if you are using blogging platform then go to template à edit html and insert the meta-tags related to your blog in it, you can easily find the meta-tags HTML code by searching on Google.

Social sharing

Share links of your blog on social media sites, like facebook, twitter, google plus, pinterest etc


Create Backlinks by using guest posts on other blogs you can also add your link in comments section of your relevant niche blog. You can post answers of the questions with your site link in question answers forum.


Redirect your site link to by going to left side menu setting --> Basic --> publishing and then blog address as mentioned below. If you are using Blogger platform then you can easily use https certificate which is a counting factor in ranking but if you are using a custom domain then you can use it after purchasing.

Basic SEO Tips for traffic and adsense -

Number of words of article

Articles should be at least 500 words long, content rich articles attract more traffic and AdSense revenue so try to write up to 2000 words article but at least an article should not be less than 500 words.

Unique articles

Articles should be unique, high-quality, and should not be copied from any other site. You should read your website articles at least once so that if there is any sentence or grammatical  mistake it can be corrected.

Avoid duplicate content

Your articles should not be redundant means you should note duplicate any article on any of the page.

Youtube Videos

You can add YouTube videos in your article to rank your article and to get traffic for YouTube channel but the YouTube video should be your own videos related to your topic.

Post images

Images should not be copied from any other site you can use any free images site like They give you a very good option to choose a range of images and add text on those images according to according to your article.


Your keyword should be in title of the post, in your post headings, and in the body of your post for ranking your post in search engines. You can find keywords according to your niche in the Google keyword planner tool, or you can use any free research tool online. At start you should try to find long tail keywords, or low competition keywords because these current keywords can easily be ranked and when you’re the site age is a more and it is indexed in Google then you should try to rank more competitive keywords.

On page SEO

1-In on page SEO create links between different posts which are relevant to each other or suggest other posts links at the end of the article.
2- Give description and alt text for every image of your post.

Off page SEO

1- In off page SE create back links from other relevant sites of your particular niche.
2- Create back links from forums, blogs, question & answer sites, and from social media sites.