Sunday, September 11, 2016

Make Money Online without any specific skills

Making money online is not an easy task, because there is lot of competition over the internet for any job, people all over the world competes to get a job, after struggling for many years to make money online I have come to know a simple method of making money online without any specific skills. Remember, I am not going to teach you any skills if you are viewing this website then you can earn online. Pretty amazing.

Make Money Online without any specific skills -

OK, If you have internet connection you can earn money online simply by viewing websites with little investment. Confused about investment? Let me explain, The business model I’m going to tell you requires you to invest some money for buying “Ad-Packs” basically you are going to purchase for your site traffic and an addition to your site traffic they are also giving you share in their revenue so this business model is called “revenue share model” but before going forward firstly we have to set up how we deposit and withdraw our money so first thing first, for this guys you have to make account with some payment processors. What actually they are? Here we go:

Internet Payment Processors

So here are the steps you have to follow for earning of your first dollar online.
Join any of the payment processors according to the site you are working. Perfect money (PM) and Bitcoins are most popular payment processes I recommend you to make account with Perfect Money (PM). Here are a few of the payment processes which you may need.

If you require further information how to register and verify payment processor accounts read my other post Online Payment Services

Revenue Share Programs, PTC ads and Captcha entry works

Now you have made an account with a payment processor the next step is to join any revenue share, PTC or captcha entry site to make few bucks, There are thousands of these kind of sites available from where you can earn some dollars online, but here I am not going to promote any of this site because these are baseless business model in which they pay you few days after launching of their website and then go away by taking their members money. I will discuss some of the genuine online earning ways with little or no skills in this article.

Article Writing

There are many sites available online where you can earn by writing articles according to your field of study your article should be unique, having quality contents, and does not include copyrighted material.


This is a very good site for newbies where you can earn by doing simple and small works like sharing a post on Facebook, posting comments, promoting a product etc you can withdraw your money by Paypal after verifying PIN mailed to you.