Saturday, September 17, 2016

How to improve your English

Tips to improve your Spoken English

Improving English

Learning second language with your native language is not an easy task, same is the case with English language our students start reading English subject form early classes, but even after reaching their master degree very few of them are able to speak English fluently, reason being they don’t practice speaking English besides their coursework.
Here i will share with you some of the practical tips to improve your English. Reading and listening is very important for writing and speaking, you have seen that a child learn their mother language by listening only and gradually he/she try to speak. Reading improves your writing skills, and listening improves your speaking skills. No I will discuss some of the practical tips to improve your English.

Underline your course book difficult words

You can improve your English language skills by underlining each word of your course book which you find difficult and whose meaning you don’t know after underlining when you finish your reading you should see dictionary to find the meaning of that words and note down on your book in this way whenever you read your book again you will definitely read you those difficult words along with their meanings and this will improve your vocabulary.

Read English Newspaper

Reading English newspaper is a good way to improve your vocabulary and English if you are found of reading newspapers then it will be an amazing experience to read news and improving your English at the same time but the thing is, you practice you should practice underlining difficult words as you do with your course books.

Listening News

Another great tip to improve your English is listening to English news you can listen to BBC News, CNN news on the radio are you can watch English news channels this will improve your general knowledge as well as your English.

Watching Movies

Watching English movies is another way to improve your English language in this way you can relax your mind as well as improve your English so there will be no burden on you that you are trying to learn the language rather you really will be enjoying as well as learning new language. In start you with feel difficulty in understanding native language because they speak very fast but with the practice and the passage of time you will start understanding their sentences and you will enjoy watching English movies.

Listening music

Although this is this is a difficult way to learn language because listening music in foreign language and understanding is not easy task because words accent changed in music.

Speaking with native

Speaking with native speaker is a wonderful way of improving your language skills whenever you try to speaking a foreign language all your skills are improved, but it’s difficult to find a native speaker who give time to speak with you, You can do it on Skype chat over the Internet, or there are many android apps available to talk to people who want to talk in English, most of these apps are paid here in the link a very simple are free app is given.

Think in English

This seems a strange idea, but it is a proven technique to be fluent in English Speaking, If you have no one to speak or you feel hesitation in speaking, do try to think in English, No one will laugh at you, and you feel confidence after doing this practice.

English Speaking App

This is very simple and free app for practicing English. In this app you can talk to other English learner mostly from Pakistan an india. There are many other options Like
Vocabulary and Grammer
Debate and discussion
English Talk Radio
And many others. You select Level -1 at start for speaking and it automatically connect your call with a speaker for 15 minutes.

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One of the last things which I would mention if you have passion of blogging this will definitely improve your English, and article writing skills you will try to write good quality articles and this will gradually improve your English language skills.
Learn more about blogging How to Write a Good Blog Post

So guys these were few tips to improve your English, hope you have enjoyed it, and if you have any other ideas idea to improve your English please do share with me, thanks for reading my post.


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