Saturday, September 10, 2016

Blogger Basic Settings for new Blog


Go to left hand site “setting” button of Blogger menu and do the “basic” settings of your blog according to the given picture.

blogger dashboard -

Your Blog Title and description is very important, it will be shown in Google search results, so make good, relevant description of your blog.

Meta Tags

Then go to "Search Preferences" and enter description of your blog under "Meta Tags". 

how to start blogging -

These tags are keywords of your blog which a visitor writes in google search bar. If you want to know more about blogger SEO then read my article Basic SEO tips for bloggers.

Mobile Views

Go to "Template" in right side menu bar and then click on gear icon under mobile and 

Blogger Basic Settings for new Blog

change mobile view as in figure.

Your own Views

Turn off counting of your own views by going to left hand side menu States --> Overview 

Manage the tracking of your own pageviews

and then manage the tracking of your own views

How to add pages to top menu bar

As you probably know that by default that is a single page in a blogger, to add pages in menu bar you firstly have to create pages it is customary to have “about us”, “content us” and “privacy policy” pages for any website so first create all these pages and then to add pages in menu bar follow these steps:

How to add pages to top menu bar

1- Go to left hand side "Template" link then click “edit template” as shown in figure

2- Now search of the top menu bar title as I have searched with “about” word, for this menu bar addition to work properly your template must support menu bar addition I mean to say that there should be menu bar in your template otherwise you have to insert is it manually which is I’m not going to cover in this tutorial.

3- Now in given figure you are seeing href=’#’ replace the # with your page link, you can get your page link by opening your page in new window and copy, paste this URL in place of #.

4- Save template and your menu bar is ready.

How to remove top right powered by blogger attribution

Sometime on top right side of your blog “Powered by blogger” attribution appears it seems annoying so to remove this is a tricky part, one thing I’m going to clear here that it’s probably  will not appear in all templates, it varies from template to template sometimes it appears only on right side bottom corner, so to remove top right side "powered by blogger" go to right side “template” link then go to “Edit HTML” and find the

How to remove top right powered by blogger attribution

Attribution1 widget as shown in screen shot

How to remove top right powered by blogger attribution

Set its property from 'True' to false. Now you can easily remove this attribution. Also set its attribute visible to 'false' if it still appears.

How to show categories with main menu buttons

Article categories is a very useful feature it helps us when we create a menu bar of our Blog we can simply add any category into menu bar and its relevant posts will appear under that menu. For a new Blogger it is sometimes difficult to find and add categories so in this tutorial I am going to show you a simple way of adding and viewing a category.

How to show categories with main menu buttons

Simply go to posts click on edit button of any post, on the right side or your screen you will see all labels.

Alternatively you can view your existing categories by going to posts and click on dropped down button as shown in figure here you can add new categories and you can view existing categories.
Guy hope you have plenty of knowledge to start your own blog if you have any question do let me know by email or contact us page.